September 14th, 2010

I recently watched the spectacle of Glenn Beck speaking on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. As I watched, I found myself in benign amusement -- it was rather like watching a toddler try to wear a grown man's shoes. Endearing perhaps, certainly silly, but ultimately he wasn't going anywhere.

I have to admit that my first reaction was outrage—who did he think he was?! How dare he desecrate King’s legacy?! And then I realized that no one can desecrate King’s legacy. No one can desecrate anyone else's legacy.

King's legacy is his own, and no one—not Beck, nor me or you—can do anything to tarnish it. King wasn’t worried about a future Beck when he went about his business of insisting on justice and ushering in a time of great change. The same should be true for all of us. Our legacies are our own. Our business is our own. And with that comes both great joy and great responsibility.

In the Jewish tradition, we are in the Days of Awe. A time when the community gathers together to align and forgive. This is a time to celebrate the turning of a new year, a new season.

In the Muslim tradition, we have just completed Ramadan, a time when people slow down from worldly affairs, fast, and reflect on their lives.

We are nearing the autumnal equinox, when the days and nights are of roughly equal length. In many indigenous traditions, it is a time of harvest and celebrating the abundance of nature, of coming together in community and storing up for the coming winter.

What these three traditions have in common is a value for the importance of taking time for reflection and for reconnection to community. As leaders, this is a good time to reflect on the state of our current lives and our connection to others, and to consider our own legacies.

Please pause for a moment and consider:

If you were to die tomorrow, what would you leave behind?

Of those whose lives you've touched, who would honor you?

Are you proud of what you're doing? Are you satisfied with how you are leading?

What is the quality of your relationships?

What might you need to do to increase your level of satisfaction with your life and work?

Autumn is always a poignant time for me. I can feel winter just around the corner. The days are pregnant with change and possibility, and I relish these vibrant days of Fall.

In the coming weeks as the days continue to shorten and the nights grow long, I invite you to consider your legacy, and to concern yourself only with what is your own business. Let’s not get distracted by the Glenn Becks of the world.

Thank you for what you—and uniquely you—are bringing into the world.

From my heart to yours.

September 2010

New California Leaders of Color
(CLOC) Fellows Announced

CLOC: The time to lead is now!

We are happy to announce our newest California Leaders of Color Fellowship. Over the course of nine months, these emerging and established leaders of color working in California’s social change organizations will come together to create and sustain their compelling visions for their organizations and movements.

The new cohort of CLOC Fellows for the 2010-2011 includes:

Jaime Alvarado Executive Director,
Somos Mayfair

Brian Contreras Excecutive Director,
Second Chance Youth Program

Crystallee Crain Heal the Streets Coordinator,
Ella Baker Center

Fania Davis Executive Director,
Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth

Kanwarpal Dhaliwal Co Executive Director,
RYSE Center

Jason A. Harvey Founder/Executive Director,
Oakland Food Connection

Lisa Hoyos California Director,
California Apollo Alliance

Naina Khanna Director of Policy & Community Organizing, Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Disease (WORLD)

NTanya Lee Executive Director,
Coleman Advocates for Children & Youth

Ali Morris President/CEO,
Kern County Black Chamber of Commerce (KCBCC) 

thuan nguyen Coordinator/Director,
California Fund for Youth

Samuel Nuñez Executive Director,
Fathers & Families of San Joaquin

Dorsey E. Nunn Executive Director,
Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

Ana Cecilia Pérez Executive Director, Central American Resources Center (CARECEN)

Elsa Quezada Executive Director,
Central Coast Center for Independent Living

Mari Rose Taruc State Organizing Director,
Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)

Sherry Tennyson Executive Director,
American Canyon Family Resource Center

Manish Vaidya Co-Coordinator, Alliance of South Asians Taking Action (ASATA)

This is the second year of a three-year program, generously funded by the Community Leadership Project.

Read CLOC Fellow bios here and please join us in welcoming this inspiring group of leaders. Thank you CLOC Fellows for all your amazing work!

Rockwood Leaders at Bioneers Conference: Women’s Leadership, Transformation and
Beloved Community.

Rockwood’s President, Akaya Windwood and Toby Herzlich, Senior Rockwood Trainer will each be hosting exciting sessions at the upcoming Bioneers Conference, October 14th to 18th, in San Rafael, CA. Toby and Akaya join hundreds of visionary thinkers and change-makers in this leading edge forum, now in its 21st year. Here are their session descriptions from the conference program:

Cultivating Women’s Leadership: Informed by the "Cultivating Women's Leadership" trainings, with more than 150 diverse alumnae, this participatory conversation will explore tools and concepts we can all employ to grow our own strength, courage, purpose and authority to lead toward transforming the world. Hosted by Rockwood Leadership Institute’s Toby Herzlich.

Change v. Transformation: Everyone is talking about change - social change, systems change, policy change, climate change. Yet as we face what Joanna Macy calls “The Great Turning,” the world is asking us to do more than change: We need to transform. Hosted by Akaya Windwood, President of the Rockwood Leadership Institute. With john a. powell, seminal civil and human rights scholar; Brock Dolman, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center; Sarah Crowell, Artistic Director of Destiny Arts; and Angeles Arrien, President of the Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research.

Beloved Community: In a world in constant, rapid change, we need each other as never before, but powerful forces tear at the social fabric. What does it take to create authentic community? How can we work together and still preserve our individuality and cultural identities? How do we think, feel and sense our way toward a new definition of Beloved Community? Join host/moderator Akaya Windwood, President of the Rockwood Leadership Institute, and: activist musician Libby Roderick; Aleut educator and activist Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff; Kelley D. Gulley, President/CEO of the National Community Development Institute; Guadalupe Avila, Board Chair of Wicahpi Koyaka Tiospaye; and Bioneers Co-CEO Nina Simons.

If you can attend this year, you are in for a multitude of treats. Other sessions shed light on Bringing Vision to Fruition, Ecological Justice, Public Power, an Indigenous Forum and much more.

Hope to see you there!

Art of Leadership for Women in Racial Justice & Human Rights: Reflect and Connect

Rockwood’s fourth annual Art of Leadership for Women in Racial Justice and Human Rights will take place November 1st to 5th, 2010 at Westerbeke Ranch, in Sonoma, CA. Join this select group of women of color and white women leaders engaged in reproductive justice, education, immigrant rights, environmental justice, indigenous communities and many other racial justice issue areas.

When: November 1-5, 2010
Where: Westerbeke Ranch, in Sonoma, CA.
Deadline to Apply: September 20, 2010

Invite women leaders you know or apply to be a part of this unique opportunity ttrengthen your leadership and collaboration skills, refresh, reflect and connect.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Program & Outreach Manager, Carmen Iñiguez
at carmern@rockwoodleadership.org.

Art of Leadership for Philanthropic Leaders

“Rockwood's  Art of Leadership for Philanthropic Leaders program far exceeded my expectations. … the quality of the trainings was by far the best leadership program I have experienced. The techniques I learned at Rockwood have enhanced my leadership skills and made me a stronger leader. I remain centered on a larger purpose and vision which makes everything clearer and easier and more enjoyable to implement. I'm a better communicator, I have clarity about goals and process, I'm better able to support my colleagues, and I'm more fulfilled on a daily basis in carrying out my work. …I'm actually more joyful as a result of Rockwood--I've never been able to say that about a leadership training program!”

Surina Khan
Vice President of Programs
Women's Foundation of California

When: February 7-11, 2011
Where: Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA
Deadline to Apply: December 27, 2010

Now in its sixth year, this special training is designed to meet the unique needs of philanthropic leaders who wish to further their leadership and collaboration skills. Rockwood invites all philanthropic leaders including foundation executives, board members, executive directors, program officers, donors, corporate sponsors and other leaders in a position to leverage resources for positive social change. Apply here today.

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Thank you to everyone who has signed up to be a daily voter to support Rockwood and the other organizations on the Slate. Your votes are making a difference!

As you may know, Pepsi is giving away millions of dollars in grant money through it's "Refresh Everything" contest and we've joined forces with a group of organizations called The Progressive Slate. As a daily voter with the Progressive Slate, you'll be one of several thousand individuals helping 16 progressive organizations win over $1,000,000 in the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest in September.

If you haven’t already, please take a minute to sign up here to be a Rockwood daily voter. Once you have signed up you will receive a daily email from The Progressive Slate making it easy for you to vote. You can also send a daily text message to "73774" with the number "102236" in the body of the text.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Liz Bohm, Development and Communications Manager at liz@rockwoodleadership.org.

Thank you for your support as we build a network of powerful, visionary leaders who are leading their movements with strength and passion!

Position Available at Rockwood:
Program Assistant

We are seeking the right person to join our team here at our offices in Berkeley. Our new Program Assistant (full time, non-exempt) will provide key support for Rockwood’s celebrated line-up of transformational leadership programs and will report to our Director of Programs. We are accepting applications for this position until September 24, 2010.

Position Title: Program Assistant
Reports to: Director of Programs
Status: Full time, non-exempt


Program Support

  • Support Program staff with outreach and logistics
  • Review, edit and produce program materials –email blasts, flipcharts, manuals
  • Coordinate training supplies – including organizing, preparing and shipping
  • Work with Communications staff to maintain the Democracy in Action database
  • Work with the Director of Programs to coordinate trainer schedule
  • Act as a department contact, responding to routine telephone inquiries
  • Prepare and analyze program evaluations

General Administrative Duties

  • Coordinate administrative logistics for Rockwood staff/trainer retreats and other meetings as appropriate and events
  • Process and log/record all program related fees and payments
  • Check Rockwood’s general voicemail messages

Other organizational responsibilities

  • Help organize events
  • Participate in strategic and programmatic planning with Rockwood staff and trainers to identify and implement organizational goals
  • Other support as needed

Required Skills

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills; open, friendly demeanor and high level of professionalism to represent the organization favorably
  • Ability to create positive, long-term working relationships by demonstrating a commitment to team work and customer service, tact, dependability, diplomacy and flexibility
  • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced office, including managing multiple tasks
  • Ability to write business correspondence
  • Ability to manage and utilize time wisely
  • Creativity and flexibility in developing approaches and problem solving
  • Sensitivity and ability to work within a culturally diverse organization
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Ability to attend off-site events, as needed
  • Experience with databases and data entry
  • Sense of humor essential

Minimum Qualifications

  • 1-3 years work experience
  • Proficient in MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, online database systems, Power Point, Adobe, InDesign Suite)

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Stacy Kono at stacy@rockwoodleadership.org by
September 24, 2010.