Rockwood alum Malkia Cyril of Center for Media Justice featured

Cyril, the daughter of Black Panther Janet Cyril, was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Her mother ran a newspaper in New York and the New York Black Panther breakfast program.

"As a Black Panther, my mother instilled in me the dedication to public service, but more than that, she instilled in me the belief that cultural change precedes political change," Cyril said.

Cyril, who is a poet and writer, shares with her mother a passion for words and the understanding of social justice through media.

"Through my mom's beautiful storytelling - she was an incredible storyteller - (and) also through her incredible work as an educator and as an activist, I came to believe deeply ... profoundly in the need for us who are artists, us who are poets, us who are writers, and of all kinds that we needed to make our investment in making this world a better place," Cyril said. more