About Rockwood

Since 2000, nearly 5,000 nonprofit, philanthropic and social change leaders from across the globe have gone through Rockwood's transformational leadership development trainings.

We believe that transforming ourselves, our organizations and our movements will change the way change is done, and transform our world. 

Rockwood Network from Social Transformation Project

Rockwood specializes in working with leaders who are:

  • Poised to move from being a manager to a true leader
  • In transition
  • In crisis or burned out
  • Ready to reflect on the next step on their leadership path
  • Wanting to collaborate within and across sectors and movements
  • Looking for tools and practices to help them lead from their purpose, create a clear vision, build strong partnerships, be resilient under stress, increase their impact, and maintain balance over a lifetime of activism.

We offer a range of programs to help individuals and organizations transform their leadership using a rigorously tested and highly effective approach.

Public Programs

Open to individuals and groups working for the common good:

    Partnership Programs

    Paving the Way for Stronger Social Justice Movements

    Developed for sectors, regions and movements in partnership with organizations, foundations and associations:


    Once a leader goes through one of our training programs, they can join Rockwood's Network of almost 5,000 alum. Benefits include:


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