Our Approach

As a social change leader, chances are that you have experienced burnout, conflict, in-fighting, and/or isolation. Rockwood's trainings are organized around six core practices to help you navigate these challenges.

forrest path


To live and lead from the principles which give our lives meaning.

tree branches


To create and articulate a clear and compelling picture of our desired future.

dandelion seeds


To build and maintain strong, interdependent relationships that advance our vision.

river rocks


To shift from a state of reactivity to one of resourcefulness in times of stress and crisis.

fall leaves


To enhance our capacity to produce results that further our vision.

balanced stones

Personal Ecology

To maintain balance, pacing, and efficiency to sustain our energy over a lifetime of activism.

During the training, each core practice will be presented with a guiding theory, a dynamic learning experience, and practical applications to real life leadership challenges.

Guiding Principles of Rockwood Leadership Institute

  • Rockwood Leadership Institute honors and supports any and all non-violent movements, strategies and efforts intended to alleviate suffering, eradicate exploitation and oppression, and uplift the dignity inherent in all beings.
  • We believe that all leaders in such efforts deserve full support and respect.
  • We commit to making our tools, thinking, learning and materials available to any leader who is in alignment with these values and principles.

Inclusion and Equity

We are committed to:

  • Work across differences.
  • Serve racially and culturally diverse leaders and communities.
  • Continue to be a racially and culturally diverse organization.
  • Provide and support leadership that insists upon bringing powerful, structural change to promote racial and economic equity.
We believe:
  • Diversity is a strength and strategy for powerful and creative leadership.
  • Structural racism and oppression in institutions intended to protect the vulnerable are key obstacles to creating social change.