Fees & Policies


Because we are committed to making our programs available to as many social change leaders as possible, our program fees are determined on a sliding scale in order to ensure equal access to individuals from institutions of all sizes.

The below chart covers training fees based on an organization’s most recent annual budget or a foundation’s assets. These fees do not cover travel, and are different from the fees for Rockwood’s Fellowships and Leading from the Inside Out Yearlong Program.

Organization Type Training Fee
On-Site Art of Leadership Virtual Art of Leadership Art of Navigating Change
All for-profit companies, foundations with assets over $10 million, AND nonprofits with budgets over $10 million $6,000 $2,500 $1.450
Foundations with assets less than $10 million, AND nonprofits with budgets between $4 million and $9,999,999 $4,900 $2,025 $1,250
Nonprofits with budgets between $1 million and $3,999,999, government, and unaffiliated individuals $3,350 $1,575 $900
Nonprofits with budgets under $1 million $1,750 $900 $550
*Rockwood spends about $5,000 per participant to produce a five-day Art of Leadership training retreat.
*On-Site Art of Leadership training fees include room & board.


For more information on how to raise resources to attend our programs, click here.

Payment Policy

Payment of training fees is due two weeks (10 business days) after being accepted into the program. If accepted less than four weeks before the start of the program, payment is due within three business days of acceptance into the program. We cannot guarantee enrollment until payment is received.

For payment plans, please contact training@rockwoodleadership.org. Full payment needs to be received the month before your registered training.

Transfer/Cancellation Policy

We understand schedules for social change leaders shift with their work, so we have developed the following transfer and cancellation policy to accommodate that reality, as well as maintain Rockwood’s sustainability.

Transferring to another session

If you are enrolled in a public program, such as the Art of Leadership or Advanced Art of Leadership, and would like to transfer your enrollment to the same program at a later date, please notify Rockwood as soon as possible in order to enable applicants on the waiting list to participate. Only one transfer is permitted, and must be fulfilled within six months of the original training. The following policy applies:

If you transfer… Then…
30 days or more prior to the start date of a program 100% of fees will be applied to the new session
29 days or less prior to the start date of a program 50% of fees will be applied to the new session

If you do not fulfill your enrollment within six months, your enrollment will be cancelled and your training fees will not be reimbursed.

If a family emergency or similar circumstance prevents your attendance, please contact Rockwood immediately. Each case will be handled individually.


Rockwood must receive notice of cancellation by email. If we do not receive a notice of cancellation by the start of training, none of the fees will be refundable. Otherwise, the following policy applies:

If you cancel… Then…
30 days or more prior to the start date of a program 75% of fees will be reimbursed.
29 days or less prior to the start date of a program 25% of fees will be reimbursed.

For programs (e.g. Fellowships, and the Leading from the Inside Out Yearlong) that involve multiple trainings, there are no refunds or transfers after the first session.

Rockwood reserves the right to cancel a program at any time. If Rockwood cancels a program, we will work with you to transfer your enrollment to another session (without any transfer fee) or you will receive a full refund for tuition and room & board.