The Advanced Art of Leadership

Leadership takes practice and ongoing learning. The Advanced Art of Leadership is designed for graduates of the Art of Leadership to support continued growth.

Who should apply:

  • This program is designed for leaders who have completed the Art of Leadership and who want to take their leadership to the next level.
  • Whether you attended the Art of Leadership years ago, or would like to apply to both the Art of Leadership and Advanced at the same time, this course will enable you to deepen your learning and integrate real changes into your life and leadership.

After the Advanced Art of Leadership, you can expect to:

  • Create breakthroughs in your leadership to create more ease and effectiveness in your work.
  • Increase your ability to work across differences, collaborate and build teams.
  • Create a new relationship to power and responsibility in your life, and in your organization.
  • Identify and establish personal habits that support lifelong health and sustainability.
  • Build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with leaders across the country within Rockwood's Network.

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The training curriculum includes:

Inner Reflection - The Advanced Art of Leadership creates space for leaders to reflect on power, responsibility, and working in teams. Leaders receive coaching from nationally recognized facilitators.

Practical Tools - Leaders engage in hands-on practice in coaching, stress-management, and communication skills that they can bring back home to their organizations. Each participant receives an Interpersonal Leadership Styles Assessment to learn more about their leadership style and the styles of others with whom they work.

Powerful Community - Each training brings together leaders working in a wide range of issues areas who all have a shared commitment to deepening their leadership.


If you have more questions, you can check out our FAQs or chat with Sophie Hill at (510) 251-2500 x 116, or email