The Art of Collaborative Leadership

Transformative Personal Leadership Development for Networks and Foundations

The Art of Collaborative Leadership is a special training for networks and foundations that support or work in a particular sector. Sectors that have benefitted from the program in the past include:

  • LGBTQ Leaders of Color

  • National Climate Change and Climate Justice Leaders

  • Social Justice Leaders in San Francisco

  • Social Change Leaders in Israel

The five-day training convenes diverse participants coming from both national "inside the beltway" groups and local grassroots organizations. The program is designed for leaders to enhance their leadership and collaboration skills, and includes an examination of power (personal, positional and institutional), strategy and performance, and personal and organizational sustainability.

Daniel Lee, Executive Director, Levi Strauss Foundation, and Akaya Windwood, President, Rockwood Leadership Institute, reflect on how the Art of Collaborative Leadership strengthened the collective power and impact of San Francisco social justice leaders in the Pioneers In Justice Program

"I found it really helpful to have the space and support to step back and look at the big picture of my work and leadership. It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of work. Having the support of the others in our group made me feel ready to keep moving forward in my work and professional development." – 21st Century Fellow, Pipeline Project

The Art of Collaborative Leadership draws from the same training curriculum as the Art of Leadership with the additional element of participant-driven dialogue to facilitate authentic conversations and collaborative work within a sector.

After the Art of Collaborative Leadership, you can expect your staff, members and/or grantees to walk way with:

  • Powerful collaboration and partnership skills
  • Deep and impactful relationships across their sector
  • Enhanced listening and speaking skills
  • An understanding of power dynamics
  • Coaching skills for building stronger relationships and impactful results
  • Personal habits that support career-long health and sustainability
  • An inspiring and clear vision for their work
  • Tools to deal more effectively with organizational and leadership challenges
  • Skills to manage relationships and increase personal and organizational effectiveness

"The inclusion of more than one person per organization was key.  I can imagine that it would be hard to co-power each other if I was the only person in the organization who understood what that meant, even if I had positional power." – Pioneers in Justice participant

The Art of Collaborative Leadership Includes:

  • Five-day intensive residential seminar led by nationally recognized facilitators in beautiful retreat settings.
  • Personalized 360-degree self and peer surveys designed to identify leaders' strengths and areas for improvements across a range of skill sets.
  • Hands-on training in assessment and evaluation tools for leadership development and collaboration, including a take-home workbook.
  • Open space conversations, shaped by participants' concerns and interests, to facilitate collaborative dialogue and exchange.
  • An intimate learning community of 24-30 social change leaders in a rich environment for skill development and knowledge sharing.

To schedule an Art of Collaborative Leadership training for your network or foundation, contact Sharon Price, Director of Strategic Initiatives, at (510) 251-2500 x 106, or email her at