Organizational Leadership

Transformational Leadership Training for Nonprofit and Social Change Teams

Is your organization experiencing internal challenges around:

  • Teamwork
  • Founder/Executive Director transition
  • Board engagement
  • Communication
  • Burnout
  • Diversity
  • Partnership

Bring Rockwood directly to your organization to transform your team.

The Program

Rockwood's Organizational Leadership program is designed to serve the needs of leadership teams within your organization to increase their internal capacity for collaborative leadership. Using real life organizational contexts and challenges, the program is designed to align your leadership, vision, goals, and communication styles to create a balanced and collaborative leadership circle. In many cases, organizations have utilized Rockwood's Organizational Leadership program as a first step in the process of a larger organizational strategy.

"The beauty of sending your staff to a Rockwood training is that you can count on people gaining skills in how to be a more effective and authentic leader. The bonus for us as an organization is that more staff are bringing forth their creative imagination, which we believe is core to envisioning strategic breakthroughs to the complex problems of our time."
- Pamela Chiang, former Director of Organizational Learning at Center for Community Change.

    Program Elements

    Art of Leadership

    Key staff from your team (usually in groups of 3-4 per session) will go through Rockwood's signature training, the Art of Leadership. The Art of Leadership is:

    • A five-day intensive residential retreat that teaches powerful visioning, listening, speaking, presentation, team-building and feedback skills to emerging and established social change leaders.

    • Taught in an intimate learning community limited to 24-30 emerging and longtime leaders working across a wide range of issues (e.g. climate change, human and civil rights, arts and culture work).

    • Held in a beautiful, natural retreat setting on the East or West Coast.

    360-Degree Leadership Assessment

    Each  member of your team will receive 360-degree self and peer surveys that identify individual strengths and areas for improvement. They will work with the results of the surveys during the Art of Leadership (below), and Rockwood will use the surveys to develop a profile of your team's performance.

    Organizational Leadership Integration

    Within six months after your team has completed the Art of Leadership, a Rockwood-approved coach and/or trainer will facilitate a training at your offices designed specifically for your needs that could include:

    • A half day, or full day training to go more deeply into one, or more of the six practices (purpose, vision, partnership, resilience, performance, personal ecology) your team was introduced to during the Art of Leadership.

    • Take-back-to-the-office assignments to use with your team throughout the year.

    • Individual coaching with a Rockwood-approved coach

    • A four-day intensive Advanced Art of Leadership retreat for key staff (usually in groups of 3-4 per session) at a discounted group rate. 

    "Our senior leadership team is more in alignment, and now we have real clarity about the underlying issues at play in our personal dynamics."
    - Ren Dietel, Associate Partner, Dietel Partners


      After completing the Organizational Leadership Program, you can expect your team to:

      • Share an organizational purpose and vision.

      • Be able to have "courageous conversations" as a team.

      • Think about their work in a new way.

      • Build authentic partnerships.

      • Create an organizational system that hums!

      Start Designing Your Training Today

      For more information, and to begin designing your Organizational Leadership program, please contact:

      Sharon Price
      Director of Strategic Initiatives
      (510) 251-2500 x 106