Leading from the Inside Out Yearlong

Leading from the Inside Out is Rockwood's innovative yearlong fellowship program for senior executive leaders. This advanced, invitation-only program is designed to create a dramatic shift in participants' capacity to both lead their organizations and networks effectively and to collaborate across the boundaries of issue area, political and organizing orientation, geography and background. While many nonprofits have training for campaigners and organizers, there are few opportunities for established leaders to move to the highest level of personal and collective effectiveness.

Since 2003, this executive leadership program has emerged as one of the nation's leading learning laboratories for experienced social change leaders.

What to Expect

  • Three five- to six-day intensive leadership retreats

  • Individual leadership coaching sessions with a seasoned facilitator

  • Daily practices to support and reinforce learning throughout the year

  • Extensive workbooks for each retreat, filled with tools and processes to use within their own organizations

  • Personalized assignments and practices to bridge learning between sessions

  • Ongoing support in applying the concepts and tools of the training

  • Expert and peer coaching


The Yearlong Fellowship is designed to help experienced leaders to:

  • Create, communicate and sustain a powerful vision

  • Inspire, align and manage individuals and groups

  • Ensure accountability and high performance

  • Become more skillful at mediating conflicts

  • Learn self-care, including the ability to manage stress and burn-out

  • Develop strategies for major organizational change

  • Take advantage of the opportunities inherent in the diversity and complexity of an increasingly interdependent world


An invitation to apply to this program requires nomination by a Yearlong Fellowship alumnus.

For further information, contact:

Ebony Ross, Associate Director of Programs