Thank you for your interest in Rockwood Leadership Institute. Our purpose is to work towards a just and sustainable society by developing the capacity of people, organizations, and networks devoted to advancing social change.

Rockwood training programs are led by nationally and internationally recognized thinkers, educators, and activists experienced in sharing the most in-depth and leading insights on collaboration, capacity-building, and leadership development.

Online Application

The application process is the following:

  1. Spend a few minutes thinking about what you hope to learn in our training, jotting down the work your organization does and your role there, and tracking down your organization's current annual budget. If you are not affiliated with a nonprofit organization, foundation or for-profit company, please select "Unaffiliated." If you are seeking additional resources to be able to attend our trainings, please contact us. Finally, review your availability, because you will be asked to state a first and second choice.
  2. Complete the online application.
  3. Typically, you should receive an update on the status of your application within 10-12 business days. Rockwood will review the application to confirm alignment between what the training delivers and your expectations, as well as to ensure space in your preferred session.
  4. Once you've been accepted, you will be sent two more emails: the first, to complete a 360 leadership assessment, and the second, to complete payment on your invoice. You are required to complete both in a timely manner in order to be fully enrolled.
  5. Plan your itinerary and show up to the training.

The online application form takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

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Training Schedule

Rockwood makes a concerted effort to reach leaders where they live and work. Currently, you can count on a training program happening almost once a month on either side of the continental U.S.

Please review Rockwood's Training Schedule to find a training near you.

Training Fees and Payments

Rockwood believes leadership can and should reflect the diverse communities in which leaders live and work. We are committed to making the Art of Leadership and Leadership in Action trainings available to as many social change leaders as possible. Thanks to the generous support of the foundations and donors who support us, Rockwood underwrites up to 80% of training costs for leaders whose organizations have limited resources.

Fees are based on a sliding scale, weighted against the current year's organizational budget or assets. Rockwood does not generally offer scholarships, and we welcome interested applicants with limited funds to contact us and explore what is possible.

Please visit our Training Fees and Payments page to review sliding scale fees for the Art of Leadership, Advanced Art of Leadership, and Strengthening the Practice Refresher.

Transfer and Cancellation Policy

Rockwood understands schedules for leaders shift with their work. Therefore, we developed a transfer and cancellation policy to accommodate that reality and maintain Rockwood's sustainability.

Please review our Transfer and Cancellation Policy closely.


Sophie Hill, Enrollment Coordinator
(510) 251-2500 x 116