Rockwood currently offers a menu of services for nonprofit, philanthropic, labor and socially responsible business leaders, as well as elected officials. Our core programs include:

The Art of Leadership
Rockwood's signature five-day program is an intensive retreat workshop for social change leaders. Each participant receives a "360-degree" performance evaluation to clarify areas for their individual leadership development. Professional trainers deliver a curriculum that provides leaders with (a) clarity of vision in their work; (b) partnership skills, including listening, speaking, conflict resolution and negotiation; (c) "personal mastery" and emotional intelligence skills; (d) teamwork development skills; and (e) performance skills.
AoL for Women Working in Racial Justice and Human Rights
This special training brings together a select group of women of color and white women leaders engaged in reproductive justice, education, immigrant rights, environmental justice, indigenous communities and many other racial justice issue areas to strengthen their leadership skills and further their social change goals.
The Art of Leadership for Philanthropic Leaders
Based on Rockwood's signature Art of Leadership, this special training is designed to meet the unique needs of philanthropic leaders who wish to further their leadership and collaboration skills. The program is open to all philanthropic leaders: foundation executives, board members, executive directors, program officers, donors, corporate sponsors, and other leaders in a position to leverage resources for social good.
The Advanced Art of Leadership
This advanced five-day seminar is designed for leaders who have completed the Art of Leadership and want to continue building their leadership skills so that they can bring Rockwood practices more fully into their organizations and networks. Each participant receives an "Interpersonal Leadership Style Survey," as well as professional training in coaching, communication, time management, mediating conflict, and creating sustainable work lives and organizations.
Strengthening the Practice
This two day refresher course is designed for leaders who have completed the Art of Leadership and Rockwood’s Fellowship and Leading from the Inside out programs. Through this course, leaders reconnect with some of the foundational leadership practices such as Purpose, Resourcefulness, and Partnership.
Organizational Leadership
This special training is custom-designed to serve the needs of leadership teams within a given organization who want to increase their internal capacity for collaborative leadership. Using "real-life" organizational contexts and challenges, the program is designed to align leadership, vision, goals and communication styles to create a balanced and collaborative leadership circle. In many cases, organizations have utilized Rockwood's OL program as a first step in the process of a larger organizational development effort.
The Art of Collaborative Leadership
This training draws together and supports leaders working in specific social sectors, such as women working in racial justice organizations, leaders in environmental health and justice, and leaders advancing global climate change. These five-day retreats emphasize understanding power dynamics, strategy and performance, as well as personal and organizational sustainability. The program serves both first time Rockwood participants and AoL graduates.
Leading from the Inside Out Yearlong
Each year Rockwood offers this acclaimed invitation-only program for established senior national leaders from diverse issue areas who have demonstrated their abilities to foster change in their fields. The admission process is highly competitive and prioritizes those committed to cross-organizational and -sector collaboration. Yearlong fellows participate in three five- to six-day retreats over the course of the year. The program is designed to create a dramatic shift in participants' capacity to lead their organizations and networks effectively—and to collaborate across the boundaries of issue area, organizing orientation, race, class, resources, geography and other demographics that often block collaboration or encourage competition between social change organizations and networks.
These multi-session programs are often presented in conjunction with funders who wish to support the collective efforts of leaders within a specific issue-based sector. Fellowships typically include participation in the Art of Leadership program, individualized coaching sessions, and advanced gatherings designed to create a shift in the collaborative potential of national and regional advocacy sectors. To date the Rockwood Fellowship program has served more than 120 leaders in LGBTQ civil rights and media policy reform.
Building Capacity for Organizational Resilience and Renewal (BCORR) provides resources and support to leaders engaged in strengthening and transforming their organizations. In partnership with national foundations focused on long-term change, BCORR contributes to leader and organizational transformation by: providing capacity building resources to select leaders as they transform and strengthen their organizations.