The Art of Leadership

Art of Leadership is:

  • A five-day intensive residential retreat that teaches powerful visioning, listening, speaking, team-building and feedback skills to emerging and established social change leaders.
  • Taught in an intimate learning community limited to 24-30 leaders, working across a wide range of issues: climate change, human and civil rights, arts and cultural work.
  • Led by nationally recognized thinkers, educators and activists who are experts at sharing in-depth insights and innovative leadership practices.
  • All retreats are held in beautiful retreat settings in California and on the East Coast.

After the Art of Leadership, you can expect to:

  • Articulate an inspiring and clear vision for your work.
  • Deal more effectively with leadership challenges.
  • Skillfully manage relationships to increase personal and organizational effectiveness.
  • Build strong partnerships inside and outside your organization and community.

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The training curriculum includes:

Inner Reflection - Many social change leaders are so focused on their organizations that they don't have space to reflect on their own individual needs. The Art of Leadership offers leaders time and reflective space to examine their strengths and challenges.

Practical Tools - Over the course of five days, leaders engage in hands-on practice in planning, public speaking, stress-management practices and courageous conversations. Leaders receive a personalized 360 degree leadership assessment to help set leadership performance goals.

Powerful Community - Each training convenes 24-30 leaders working in different organizations and issue areas. The Art of Leadership fosters learning partnerships through pair and small group work, as well as post-retreat peer support.


If you have more questions, you can check out our FAQs or chat with Sophie Hill at (510) 251-2500 x 116, or email her at