Organizational Leadership (OL)

This special training is custom-designed to serve the needs of leadership teams within a given organization who want to increase their internal capacity for collaborative leadership. Using "real-life" organizational contexts and challenges, the program is designed to align leadership, vision, goals and communication styles to create a balanced and collaborative leadership circle. In many cases, organizations have utilized Rockwood's OL program as a first step in the process of a larger organizational development effort.

What to Expect

  • Four-day intensive residential seminars for key staff (usually in groups of three to four at a time). 

  • 360-degree self and peer surveys designed to identify individual strengths and areas for improvement and develop a profile of team performance in the current state of the organization

  • Hands-on training in assessment and evaluation tools for leadership development and collaboration, including a take-home workbook 

  • Optional coaching and/or take-home assignments to anchor and reinforce the training throughout the year

  • A customized follow-up meeting for the entire team within a six-month period after all participants have completed the Art of Leadership

  • Follow up coaching (if requested)

Key Benefits

Individual participants and organizational teams will develop:

  • Improved interpersonal relationships amongst members of a management or leadership team

  • New skills to help create a more healthy and sustainable work environment

  • Shared language and understanding of leadership roles and styles within the organization

  • Ways to create a more collaborative and cohesive vision

  • Tools to resolve inter-organizational conflicts productively and authentically

  • Tools for managing others in the organization to reach higher performance levels

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