The Rockwood Fellowships

Rockwood Fellowships convene leaders within a given issue area or geographic region in order to catalyze more powerful and engaged learning communities and partnerships. Designed as a longer term, multi-retreat experience, each fellowship program identifies 18-24 influential leaders to engage in intensive training and receive tools in transformational leadership.

Rockwood Fellowships are created in association with foundations wishing to support leadership development and partnership building within a given field or geographic region.

Through our sector-based Fellowship model, Rockwood has convened leaders engaged in:

Foundations interested in working with Rockwood Leadership to design sector-specific leadership cohorts should contact Stacy Kono, Director of Programmatic Partnerships.

What to Expect

Fellowship architecture is customized in partnership with participants and sponsors. Typically Rockwood Fellows receive:

  • Four-day Art of Leadership or Art of Collaborative Leadership led by nationally recognized facilitators

  • Personalized 360-degree self and peer leadership surveys designed to identify strengths and areas for improvements across a range of skill sets

  • Hands-on training in assessment and evaluation tools for leadership development and collaboration, including a take-home workbook

  • Customized coaching and/or "take-home" practices (readings, conference calls, etc.) to anchor and reinforce learning throughout the year

  • An advanced training for the entire cohort in which fellows learn advanced leadership and collaboration skills, and have the opportunity to build alliances and initiatives within their issue area


Fellows receive expert training to:

  • Create, communicate and sustain a powerful vision

  • Enhance listening and speaking skills

  • Understand how to identify and manage power dynamics

  • Mediate organizational and sector conflict productively

  • Manage others for higher-level performance

  • Establish personal habits that support career-long health and sustainability

  • Create healthier coalitions and organizational cultures that value and celebrate difference

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For further information, contact:
Stacy Kono
Director of Programmatic Partnerships
(510) 524-4000 x113