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Rockwood’s 360° Leadership Survey gathers anonymous feedback from one’s network to help leaders gain insights about their strengths, learning edges, and impact on others. Many people who have taken this assessment have shared how important it is to receive such feedback on their leadership and we hope this list of frequently asked questions helps you to understand the full process.

FAQs for Participants

What does the 360° Leadership Survey require of me?
Check out the 360 Survey Support resource for a visual of the process below:

  1. Complete your 20-minute self-reflection using the personal link you receive from
  2. Invite a suggested 10-15 peers to let them know you would like them to participate in your 360° Leadership Survey.
  3. Submit peer emails using the same personal link.

Note: The earlier you complete Step 1 (your self-reflection), the more time your peers will have to share their feedback. Once you complete Step 3 (submit peer emails), your peers will automatically receive an invitation to begin the process from

Who do I invite?
Invite those who can speak to how you show up in your leadership. This could be supervisors, colleagues, board members, and/or clients but it could also be people you volunteer, organize, create, and pray with. The purpose of the peer survey is not to score high points — it is to gain as well-rounded a view of your leadership as possible.

How do I check to see who has completed the survey for me?
To honor the anonymity of respondents, our team does not share who has responded. Instead, our team will follow-up with your peers on a regular basis about 2 months before your training to help get you as close as possible to 10 completed peer submissions.

How will I know if I do not have enough responses?
You will receive reminder emails from

Do I need to have 10 peer responses for my 360° Leadership Survey to be considered complete?
No – with a caveat. Our 360° System considers a survey complete once there are 10 peer responses submitted. Recognizing it can be difficult to obtain this for many reasons, having 10 peer responses is not required. However, our 360° System will continue to send you notifications until there are 10 completed peer responses. The reason we came to the number 10 is that, after decades of providing transformative leadership trainings, we’ve found that having at least 10 peer responses provides the most well-rounded view of one’s leadership.

Do I need to send reminders to peers who have not completed their peer assessment?
Yes. Since emails from have a tendency to end up in spam, we recommend sending at least one reminder message directly to your peers. There is sample language linked in the 360 Survey Support resource which you can use to draft a reminder message.

Our team reaches out to peers who have yet to submit feedback starting about 2 months before a training begins. There is a “remind peers” button you can access using your personal 360 link to send out reminders to those who have yet to complete their part. If you choose to use it, we ask that you be mindful of your peers’ inboxes as your reminders may coincide with Rockwood’s reminders.  

Can I invite additional peers after I have already submitted some emails?
Yes. Please follow the link in your initial 360 email with the subject line: “Rockwood: 360 Leadership Assessment” to invite more peers. You can invite an unlimited number of colleagues.

A peer has not received the link. Can you resend it? 
Yes. Please send us an email at with the name of the training you are participating in and the email address of your peer to resend the link.

What else should I know about the written responses?
Please note that anything written in the evaluation will be taken verbatim. Also, our 360 system is finicky and doesn’t recognize certain characters. We apologize and kindly ask you to avoid using emoji’s or characters with accents (è, ê, ë ñ).

What does Rockwood do with the email addresses of invited peers?
Rockwood will not save or use your peers’ email addresses for solicitation or outreach purposes. They are stored in our internal 360 system and used solely for peer reminders.

How will I know when my 360° Leadership Survey is complete?
Once 10 peers submit their feedback, you will receive an email from letting you know that your 360° Leadership Survey is complete.

I had to withdraw from my training. Can I still access my 360° results?
The 360 Leadership Survey is meant to be reviewed in the Art of Leadership space and within the facilitation of our trainers. We do not share 360° results if folks end up not attending the entirety of the training.

FAQs for Peers

How long will my portion of the 360 Leadership Survey take?
Sharing feedback should take 10-20 minutes.

When is my feedback due?
For the in-person Art of Leadership, feedback is due the week before a participant’s training begins. For the Art of Leadership Online, peer feedback is due the first day of a participant’s training.

Can I have an extension to submit feedback?
While we encourage you to submit feedback by the deadline, we may be able to offer an extension in certain situations. Please send us an email at to find out what is possible.

How will I know that my feedback was submitted?
Please make sure to click the “Submit” button at the end of the page. Once submitted, you will be redirected to a webpage that confirms completion and will then receive an email confirmation shortly after.

Who will see my responses?
Rockwood program staff and trainers will see your responses. The colleague who invited you will receive your response mixed in with others without your name disclosed. The colleague will not know if you completed the assessment or not. That said, please note that any written responses are taken verbatim and are unedited.

What do you mean when you say my assessment response will be anonymous? 
Your name will not be associated with your responses. Your qualitative (written) responses will be compiled into a report for your colleague. It will be “mixed up” with other peer responses so that the colleague will not be able to identify the evaluator. Participants are asked to invite at least 10 peers, and will not know who has or has not responded.

The participant is not at my organization anymore. Should I still provide feedback?
Yes. If your working relationship is recent and you think your feedback would provide unique insights on their leadership, we encourage you to complete the survey. We believe that a wide range of peer feedback from a variety of working contexts will be valuable to the participant.

I am not able to submit feedback at this time. What do I do?
We understand and appreciate you honoring your capacity. Please scroll to the bottom of the email you received from and click “DECLINE”. The participant will not be aware of your decline. Since we recommend having at least 10 peer submissions, this will help our team reach out to let the participant know whether they should invite additional peers.

What else should I know about the written-responses?
Please note that anything written in the evaluation will be taken verbatim. Also, our 360 system is finicky and doesn’t recognize certain characters. We apologize and kindly ask you to avoid using emoji’s or characters with accents (è, ê, ë ñ).

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