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64 Fantastic Things To Enjoy This Summer, As Recommended By Rockwood’s Staff

By June 9, 2016September 25th, 20192 Comments



Growing up, my summers began with a list. On the last day of school each year, I’d receive a list of recommended summer reading. It was not a necessity – I would have found plenty to read on my own – but it was a gift. It led me to books and authors I might not have encountered on my own, and ideas and places I hadn’t yet imagined.

In the tradition of the summer reading list, Rockwood offers our Non-Required Summer Enjoyment List. It’s full of things that Rockwood staff hope to do and see and watch and (of course!) read this summer, broken down by category:



  1. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King
  2. The Hummingbird’s Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea
  3. The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
  4. A People’s History by Howard Zinn
  5. Reinventing the Enemy’s Language: Contemporary Native Women’s Writings of North America by Gloria Bird (Editor) and Joy Harjo (Editor)
  6. The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin
  7. The Collected Stories by Amy Hempel
  8. Field guides and Bay Area Forager by Kevin Feinstein and Mia Andler
  9. Adaptation series by Malinda Lo
  10. Sexy Witch by LaSara Firefox Allen
  11. Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut
  12. Jem and the Holograms (comic book series)
  13. Nimona by Noelle Stevenson (graphic novel)
  14. Saga by Brian K. Vaughan (comic book series)
  15. The Young Elites series by Marie Lu
  16. Geek Love by Katherine Dunn
  17. Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld
  18. Mermaids in Paradise by Lydia Millet
  19. Graceling Realm series by Kristin Cashore
  20. How to Eat by Thich Nhat Hanh
  21. How to Love by Thich Nhat Hanh
  22. Lemonade Syllabus edited by Candice Benbow



  1. Agua fresca
  2. Compound butters for summer corn
  3. Watermelon, feta and arugula salad with balsamic glaze
  4. Peach simple syrup
  5. Bolis
  6. pudding pops



  1. Discover a new perspective by trying something you’ve never done before
  2. Stargaze
  3. Have a water balloon or water hose party
  4. Go on a hike
  5. Visit the beach
  6. Do a puzzle
  7. Try paddleboard yoga
  8. Do yoga outside
  9. Swim
  10. Play kickball
  11. Go camping (or glamping, if the outdoors doesn’t suit you)
  12. Unplug from artificial/technological life
  13. Commune with nature



  1. The People Speak (2009 documentary)
  2. Love Jones (1997 romantic drama)
  3. Zootopia (2016 animated comedy adventure)
  4. Ghostbusters (release date: July 15, 2016, comedy)
  5. Independence Day Resurgence (release date: June 24, 2016, science fiction action)
  6. Game of Thrones (HBO)
  7. Futurama (Comedy Central)
  8. Grace and Frankie (Netflix)
  9. Alice Through the Looking Glass (in theaters now!)
  10. Galaxy Quest (1999 science fiction comedy)
  11. It Follows (2014 supernatural horror)
  12. Catfish (MTV)
  13. The Final Girls (2015 film, part comedy, part drama, and part horror)
  14. Why Do We Sleep? featuring Russell Foster (TED Talk)
  15. Dirty Dancing (1987 romantic drama)



  1. The Dinner Party Download (podcast)
  2. Lemonade by Beyoncé
  3. Another Round (podcast)
  4. Hamilton (Original Cast Broadway Recording)
  5. the Mystery Show by Starlee Kine (podcast)
  6. RISK! Live Show & Podcast! by Kevin Allison
  7. Rockwood Superhero Theme Songs & 6 Practices Playlists (on Spotify)
  8. Make a “happy” playlist of all the songs that make you smile

What’s on your Summer Enjoyment List? Share in the comments!