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Community Calls

Join us every other month and make time in your day
for healing, connection, community, & joy

Rockwood Community Calls are a FREE online event series to support leaders from everywhere within the social justice ecosystem so that you can feel connected, supported, and replenished.

Every other month, we host a 60-minute Zoom call with a teacher, healer, leader, activist, artist, or speaker who will hold space for whatever our collective spirit is seeking in that moment.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve been through a Rockwood program or this is the first you’ve heard of us. Register for the next call and give yourself the gift of space, ease, and joy in your workday.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will these calls be recorded?

Because we want to hold space that allows people to feel safe, be brave, and speak from their hearts, Community Calls are not recorded or available afterwards. However, we send out an email immediately following every call with reflection questions, resources, playlists, and quotes from the call to everyone who registered, even if you aren’t able to join the call. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to sign up for future bi-monthly calls if you’re unable to attend this one.

Will these calls have live captioning?

Yes! All of Rockwood’s virtual events have live captions and translation. Community Calls specifically often combine several modalities so there are many ways for people to participate based on comfort, interest, and ability. If you have any accessibility needs or concerns, please email

If I want to attend every call, do I have to register for each one individually?

In order to register for every call, add each one to your cart and input your contact information. That will allow you to register for all of this year’s Community Calls at once.

What if I have a technical issue on the day of the call?

Send an email to joi foley at, and we’ll help you troubleshoot.

Can I invite other people to these calls?

Yes! These calls are open to everyone, regardless of whether or not they’ve been to a Rockwood training. In fact, we encourage you to attend with a friend and / or colleague so you can continue to engage with the practice from the call even after it’s over.

I know someone who'd be great to host a call. Can I recommend them?

At this time, we’re not taking suggestions for hosts, but if you register for a call or subscribe to receive emails about Community Calls, you’ll be notified when we open nominations for hosts.