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Conversations That Matter Daily Practice

A Self-Guided Training To Strengthen Your Ability To Speak Courageously

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Transform your ability to speak courageously

Our lives are filled with important but often challenging conversations that require us to be about to speak authentically and courageously conversations with colleagues, employees, partners, children, family, friends, and neighbors. Our willingness to initiate these conversations and our skill in engaging in them is a foundation for success at work and fulfillment at home.

This course will help you:

Become more comfortable in expressing your authentic feelings and points of views in all appropriate settings

Be proactive in identifying the need for courageous conversations and forthright in initiating them

Develop greater skill in the attitudes and behaviors that create more successful outcomes from challenging conversations

Strengthen your ability to speak courageously

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Training Details

Conversations That Matter is a self-guided training program developed by Rockwood co-founder Robert Gass, and specifically designed to help you enhance those skills, allowing you to advance organizational and personal goals and build and maintain relationships without procrastinating, over-preparing, or avoiding altogether.

Through this course, you’ll practice and hone your skills, including:

dealing directly with conflicts

confronting others about performance issues

dealing with interpersonal issues or misbehavior by colleagues

advocating for your own needs

setting limits and boundaries

conversations around race, gender, and equity

This program includes:

Daily Email Practices

25 different practices, emailed to you daily, that will develop your capacity to listen deeply


Pre- and post-training self-assessment to track your growth

Text Reminders

2 daily text reminders to help you integrate practices into your daily activities

Videos From Robert Gass

Brief, weekly videos to deepen and support your training experience

Kick-Off Webinar

A 60-minute webinar Rockwood Co-Founder Robert Gass

Learning Partners

Optional opportunity to take the journey with a learning partner

About Robert Gass, EdD

Robert was the creator of the original Rockwood methodology and curriculum and trained the early cohorts of Rockwood trainers. For over 40 years, he has coached, trained, and facilitated leaders, organizations, and networks working for justice, sustainability, and human dignity. His work is a weaving of his lifetime of experience and learning in social change, humanistic psychology, organizational transformation, movement building, and meditation/spirituality.

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