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Deep Listening Daily Practice

30-Day Self-Guided Training To Help You More Deeply Connect With Others

Starting May 24
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Reconnect with Rockwood practices
Continue your leadership development
Transform your ability to deeply listen

We human beings long to feel heard and known. One of the most important things we receive from coaches, counselors, clergy, and good friends is the gift of someone who will actually listen to us.

Deepening your practice of listening will empower your leadership, but not only only that—it’s good medicine for all your relationships. Not feeling heard is one of the most common sources of tension in love partnerships, and deep listening can help you feel more connected to your colleagues, friends, and family.

This practice of deep listening will help you:

Learn who others are and what they need

Help others feel respected

Build the rapport that is absolutely necessary to be an effective leader

Bring the best contributions forward from those with whom you work

Inspire trust and loyalty

Learn more, get better solutions, and be more effective

Strengthen your power of deep listening

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Training Details

The Deep Listening Daily Practice Practice is a 30-day, self-guided training program developed by Rockwood co-founder Robert Gass, specifically designed to help you enhance your listening skills and habits to improve the quality of all your relationships. Each day, you’ll receive an email with new tools, insights, and skills for deep listening designed to help integrate these practices into your daily life.

This program includes:

Daily Email Practices

25 different practices, emailed to you daily, that will develop your capacity to listen deeply


Pre- and post-training self-assessment to track your growth

Text Reminders

2 daily text reminders to help you integrate practices into your daily activities

Learning Partners

Optional opportunity to take the journey with a learning partner


A 50-Minute Webinar With
Darlene Nipper & Robert Gass

Darlene Nipper

Rockwood CEO

Darlene Nipper is Rockwood’s CEO. With over 25 years of leadership and advocacy experience, Darlene joined Rockwood in 2012 as a member of the training team. She previously served as deputy executive director of the National LGBTQ Task Force, executive director of the BET Foundation, chief operating officer at NAMI and founder of its Multicultural and International Policy Center, and director of LGBT affairs in the Executive Office of the Mayor of D.C. Darlene, a native Washingtonian, is also an ordained interfaith minister, practices mindfulness meditation, deep presence, and living joy.

Robert Gass, EdD

Rockwood Co-Founder

Robert was the creator of the original Rockwood methodology and curriculum and trained the early cohorts of Rockwood trainers. For over 40 years, he has coached, trained, and facilitated leaders, organizations, and networks working for justice, sustainability, and human dignity. His work is a weaving of his lifetime of experience and learning in social change, humanistic psychology, organizational transformation, movement building, and meditation/spirituality.

“Is This Program Right For Me?”

Anyone can engage with Deep Listening Daily Practices no matter where they are on their leadership journey, but we definitely recommend it for:

  • Executive Directors, CEOs, VPs, and others leading organizations
  • Managers leading diverse and / or distributed teams, or teams that are struggling to navigate the current moment
  • Movement or network leaders who navigating working directly with communities and within institutional spaces
  • Philanthropic leaders looking to better understand their grantees’ needs
  • Board members looking to provide more support to the organizations they steward
  • Alums of Rockwood interested in reconnecting with the practices they learned in their training

If you’re interested in this training but not sure if it’s right for you, email for more information.

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