President's Message

As we wind to the end of 2011, I want to take a moment and thank the people who make our work possible.

Our incredible staff and part-time collaborators – Erika, Tyson, TC, Renee, Thea, Pia, Kierra, Stacy, Sharon, Daniel, Elizabeth, Edita, Heidi and Diane. You are steady, smart, hilarious and phenomenally effective. I love you dearly, and am honored to dance with you daily.

Our trainers – José, Michael, Maria, Robert, Suzanne, Toby, Leslie, Helen, Yeshi, John and Roberto. Thank you for your excellent skills blended with deep and strong hearts. And you are a very funny bunch to make social change with!

Our consultants and co-conspirators – Leda, Shiree, Ned, Gail, Carol, Vivian, Vanessa, Njambi, Dave, Alonso, Norma, Ann, Paul, Holly, Amanda, Piper, Sarah, David, Kristin, Rachel, William, Rinku, Gibrán, Andrea, Anushka, Belma, Carole, Patricia, Sarai, Radical Designs, Digital Sparks, Heward and Jason. Thank you for guiding us through sometimes rough waters, offering your visions and for bringing your gifts.

Our Board – Idelisse, Ludovic, Sally, Andre, Sooz, Greg and Larry. Thank you for keeping us on course, for opening doors and being of deep support to me and Rockwood.

Our National Board of Advisors – Alta, Simon, Sara, Ellen, Amy, Anita and Leda. Thank you for being folks that I can call and count on.

Our funding partners – Arcus, Atlantic Philanthropies, Baptized Phoenix Fund, Annie E. Casey, Cummings, Fetzer, Flora Family Fund, Ford, Gill, General Service, Haas Jr., Hidden Leaf, Hewlett, Irvine, Katz-Krantz Family Fund, Kicking Assets, Levi Strauss, New Israel Fund, New World, NoVo, Open Society, Oxfam, Packard, Panta Rhea, Pepsi, Proteus, Seasons, Surdna and W.K. Kellogg. Thank you for your partnership – you are both the engines of our work and terrific thought partners in equal measure.

And finally, you. Our alumni. Thank you for making a difference in the world. For working to improve our lives. For caring enough to keep at it. For supporting Rockwood in myriad ways.

Thank you.

From my heart to yours,

December 2011


Rinku Sen on Rachel Maddow Show

How Harsh Immigration Policies Hurt Families

Rockwood alum Rinku Sen, president of the Applied Research Center and publisher of, appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show to discuss the human cost of harsh immigration policies.



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