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Equity In Philanthropy Fellowship

In this critical moment, leadership development is essential for the sustainability of social change movements. The success of the social sector depends on having a robust and connected group of philanthropic leaders who are willing to support and advance important efforts that affect true and lasting change.
Rockwood is proud to partner with Wellspring Philanthropic Fund to offer this transformative fellowship to support the development of leaders across the field to skillfully and collaboratively shift the philanthropic landscape.


The purpose of the fellowship is to support BIPOC leaders, LGBTQIA+ leaders, and leaders with disabilities across the field of philanthropy by helping them fortify their leadership skills, forge relationships across the sector, and renew their purpose and vision. By connecting a robust and intersectional group of philanthropic leaders and by building a pipeline of diverse and interconnected voices in the field, the fellowship aims to catalyze a shift in philanthropy in which diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the center of all decision-making levels.


SESSION 1: Monday, October 16th – Friday, October 20th, 2023

SESSION 2: Monday, January 29th – Friday, February 2nd, 2024

Attendance at all sessions is required for participation in the Fellowship.


Chrissie Castro

Chrissie Castro, Diné and Chicana, is a social justice consultant dedicated to equity for all peoples, with an emphasis on building power and self-determination of American Indian/Alaska Native communities. Chrissie has more than 15 years of senior management experience in government and nonprofit sectors, and has been consulting for the past 10 years. She co-led the change to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in the city and County of Los Angeles. She was a co-founder of Indigenous Women Rise, which organized the Indigenous women’s contingent of 1,000 Indigenous Women at the Women’s March in DC. She is the Network Weaver of the Native Voice Network, a national network of 35+ Native-led organizations that mobilize through indigenous cultural values. She recently launched two projects to build community and political power of Native communities – locally, the California Native Vote Project and nationally, Advance Native Political Leadership. Chrissie is a certified life coach, and is passionate about utilizing coaching for personal, organizational and community transformation.

Michael Bell

Michael Bell is president, chief executive officer and co-founder of InPartnership Consulting Inc., an organizational development and strategic change firm specializing in global cultural competence and leadership development. He designs state-of-the-art training, leadership development programs and organizational change initiatives for foundations and progressive non-profits. He is an international consultant and executive coach with special expertise in organizational assessment, teambuilding and mentoring programs. He also serves as an advisor and design team member to Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity. This trans-national program is designed to promote racial equity and dismantle anti-black racism. The program will build an enduring transnational network of leaders across issues, approaches and geographies to challenge anti-black racism and build institutions, policies and narratives for a more equitable future. Michael designs and facilitates The President’s Forum on Racial Equity in Philanthropy for Keecha Harris and Associates and leads the Racial Equity Innovation Lab for foundations with comprehensive DEI/Racial Equity programs underway



Coaching is both an important leadership skill and a resource for social change leaders. During the Fellowship, leaders will be partnered with other Fellows to engage in a peer coaching relationship over the course of the program.


Family care costs can be a barrier to full participation in residential trainings that require participants to travel away from home. This budget creates a pool of funding for reimbursement for at-home family care that Rockwood will administer.


A pool of funds is available to support Fellows’ accessibility needs during the program, such as visual and/or hearing aids, specific dietary requirements, and additional travel-related needs.


Full tuition, accommodation, and all meals during the training session are covered. There will be a pool of reimbursement funds available to help offset costs for travel, family care, and accessibility needs during the program.

Rockwood expects that organizations, employers, and supervisors will provide support for participants to be fully present and attend the trainings. We are encouraging applicants to, as part of the application process, ask their organizations for the additional resources they may need to fully participate in the training. The intention behind this is 1) to draw more awareness to the resources that people from historically excluded communities need to pursue leadership opportunities and thrive in their field and 2) to encourage the field of philanthropy to equitably invest in its leaders. Please note that applicants will not be disqualified from the program if they don’t receive ancillary support from their organization. If you need support on identifying language and ways to make this kind of request to your organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Rockwood Program Manager Ally Tufenkjian at

Rockwood Community Call

Kris Mereigh,  MPH, CWP.

public health and wellness strategist

June 27 | 12 PT / 3 ET