This program is currently inactive. If you’re interested in information about this fellowship, contact us. Learn more about creating a fellowships for your network, foundation, or issue area here.

BCORR is a new program of Rockwood that provides resources and support to leaders engaged in strengthening and transforming their organizations. In partnership with national foundations focused on long-term change, BCORR contributes to leader and organizational transformation by:

  • Guiding and supporting select leaders as they transform and strengthen their organizations
  • Committing resources ($15,000-$100,000) to BCORR participant organizations over a two-year period for organizational and leadership development
  • Contributing to the field’s discussion and learning of how leaders transform organizations and networks to achieve social change

Note: Organizations must be invited to participate in BCORR by a BCORR partner foundation (Panta Rhea, General Service and McCune Foundations).

What to Expect

BCORR participating organizations will receive:

  • Guidance and support to leaders engaged in transforming their organizations
  • Guidance and support to philanthropic leaders committed to serving as an ally to grantee organizations’ learning and development
  • Coaching to individual leaders as they transform their organizations
  • Initial organizational and leadership assessments
  • Help in scouting and screening potential external consultant resources
  • Opportunities for reflection and learning among BCORR partners: social benefit organizations, external consultant resources and funders
  • Opportunities to share knowledge and insights from the program with the broader field of social change leadership and organizational development

Key Benefits

The following outcomes are anticipated:

  • Organizations are strengthened and renewed in their effort and ability to create social change
  • Organizations receive support and guidance to assist them in their efforts to successfully transform their organizations to better achieve their missions
  • Organization leaders engage in learning processes that contribute to their organization’s ongoing development
  • BCORR’s foundation partners develop their leadership and grantmaking by reflecting on the experience of supporting individual and organizational learning and transformation