Techquity Fellowship

Nomination Criteria

Leaders will apply as an organizational pair comprised of a senior leader and an emerging technology strategist:

  • The senior organizational leader has decision-making authority within the organization to pursue collaborations across the organizations participating in the fellowship and to support the emerging technology strategist.
  • The emerging technology strategist is a person of color who brings experience with using and building technology platforms.

The ideal candidates for this fellowship:

  • Work in organizations that play a role in the U.S. progressive movement and/or technology sector and are building technology platforms towards social change;
  • Possess a personal/professional readiness to learn new leadership skills;
  • Represent a diversity of racial/ethnic communities, change strategies, and geographic foci;
  • Can commit to full participation in the program, including attendance at two retreats, completing required pre-work, and engaging in peer coaching.

To Apply

Organizations interested in participating in the Techquity Fellowship should contact Rockwood at Select organizations will be invited to submit two applications. Semi-finalists will be invited to participate in a phone interview. 24 leaders (12 pairs) will be accepted.

About This Fellowship