Art of Leadership for

Black Women Leaders in Georgia

At this moment in history, it is critical to confront the growing tide of hatred, poverty, and division that plagues the United States. Historically and in the recent elections, Black women have played a central role in lifting up the voices of the most vulnerable communities and leading towards positive social change. In offering this leadership development program specifically for Black women in Georgia, Rockwood envisions a strengthening of our democracy and an increase in opportunity for all communities.

About The Program

With support of the Open Society Foundations (OSF), Rockwood is excited to offer a special Art of Leadership to support Black women leaders in Georgia.

This special Art of Leadership will take place November 26-30, 2018 at the Sautee Mountain Retreat in Clarksville, GA for a cohort of Black women leaders in Georgia.

The five-day residential training retreat teaches the critical personal and organizational leadership skills necessary for successful, lasting leadership including powerful visioning, listening, speaking, presentation, coaching, collaboration, and feedback skills. Upon completing the program, participants will become a part of a 6,500+ members of the Rockwood Community of Practice, which provides post-training learning opportunities through alumni gatherings and various social media tools.

Selection criteria for participation in this program includes leaders who:

  • Are self-identified Black or African-American women who are creating progressive change on a state, regional, or local level in Georgia
  • Are interested in participating in a learning experience to explore their vision, increase their sustainability, and build relationships with other Black and African-American women in Georgia
  • Can commit to full participation in the five-day program, including completing required pre-retreat work, post-training evaluation, and engaging in peer coaching
  • Contribute to creating a cohort that is diverse in terms of experience, geography, organizational issue area, and organizational strategy
  • Possess a professional and personal readiness to learn new leadership skills

While OSF is the financial sponsor of this program, applicants or OSF grantees are not required to apply to the program, and participation in this program will not influence OSF funding in any way. This capacity-building initiative is one facet of OSF’s broader support for Black women in the region and for other individuals and organizations that advance open society values. Rockwood will make final selection of participants.

The training fees and room/board at the retreat center are covered with support from OSF.

There is a nominal administrative fee of $100. Participants will be responsible for travel costs to and from the retreat.

Applicants are invited to complete the application by Monday, September 17, 2018. Early applications are highly encouraged.

For more information, please contact