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By December 15, 2016February 10th, 2017No Comments

Sometimes, as the year rolls to its end, I like to look back, reflect, and write a gratitude list. It’s a practice that serves me, and also one that serves as a reminder that this is just one moment, one perspective, one space in time.

Most years, it’s a beautiful, simple practice that yields heartfelt warmth and delight, and buoys me forward toward what’s to come.

But there are also years when it’s hard to write the list, years when it is difficult to look back because the challenges are so fresh in my mind that they’re still with me.

This year has been a year filled with both: a lot to be grateful for, and a lot that I’m still attempting to make meaning of.

This year, my gratitude moves me toward many things: the beautiful, creative, generative Mother Earth that cradles us each day, carries all of our human mistakes and misdeeds, and still gives us life. The spirit of mystery that sustains me when I don’t understand. The universal spirit that, in its infinite wisdom and love, guides me toward light when my hurting heart seeks darkness.

And you.

You, with your human heart and imperfections.

You, who strives each a day to better life for all of us on this planet.

You, who shares love, demands love, gives love, and demonstrates what love looks like in practice.

You, who reminds me that things like fear based on election results reflects a moment that will shift if we can stay the course toward equity and justice.

I hope the practice of gratitude can be one that serves you this season, as we close one year and open to yet another.

May you find solace in those who you love, and peace of mind in remembering that we’re together on this long journey toward a new and better world.


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