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News from Home

By February 20, 2013October 2nd, 2019No Comments

Nest660x391Ordinarily when I write to you, I’m writing on leadership writ large. Today, I want to speak from a more intimate place and let you know about a few things that are going on here at Rockwood’s home.

We are saying “au revoir” to Elizabeth Wilcox, our Director of Philanthropic Partnerships after six wonderful, scary, exciting, marvelous and growth-filled years. It is through her work (along with many others) that Rockwood is as strong and thriving as it is today. She has helped guide and shape who we’ve become over the years, and we owe her a deep debt of gratitude. While we are all sad to see her go, we are also tremendously excited that she is leaving in order to satisfy a lifetime dream of living abroad for a year. She has been a great partner to me and to all of us here at home. Elizabeth, it has been quite a ride, and I will miss you so.

Akaya Windwood Rockwood EbbAs things end, new things emerge. That’s the nature of life – of ebb and flow, of balance. New on our homefront is our blog. The purpose of the blog is to inspire and lift up Rockwood’s alumni network by sharing stories from your leadership journeys. The blog is already brimming with posts from Rockwood alum (check out Heather Murphy’s Whoa Universe post about her small world moment and Pramila Jayapal’s Kennedy Babies post describing the qualities of loving, effective leaders). It’s our hope that as alums, you’ll subscribe to the blog, share it with those you love, offer your comments on posts – and perhaps best of all – submit your own stories for publication.

I’m also delighted to announce that we will be hosting a series of alumni Gathers in 2013 to listen and learn from what you are seeing, doing, and discovering. The purpose of the Gathers is to get a sense of the national climate for the leaders we support, and to learn how Rockwood may be of service in the efforts you lead. Some questions we are posing include: What is possible now that wasn’t before? What are you learning? What questions are you sitting with these days? How might we strengthen the avenues for connection and possibility among Rockwood’s network of 4,000 leaders? We began in January in Boston, have an upcoming Gather in Oakland on March 29th, and will be hosting these conversations in Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, Chicago, and New York. I invite you to join me and other staff members in these conversations – stay tuned for information about a Gather near you!

I want to leave you with my gratitude. Through our Gathers and other events, I’ve recently had several opportunities to talk and learn with you. When I consider what you, our alums are doing to solve the puzzles of our time, to create vibrant, equitable and healthy organizations and communities, to foster care for our Earth and all those who depend on her, I am humbled and oh so thankful for what you do. You are Rockwood’s purpose, and I am the luckiest woman on this planet – you are the reason I do this work.

From my heart to yours,

February 2013

P.S. Let’s continue our conversations here on Rockwood’s blog. In my posts, I’ll be offering invitations or thoughts for your consideration.  This month, I’d love to know – and have you share with us in the comment section below:

What questions are you sitting with these days?