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Inner Power


A Self-Guided Training In Living & Leading From Purpose

Starts on May 8

Inner Power is a self-guided training program developed by Rockwood co-founder Robert Gass, and specifically designed to help you feel more connected to a sense of purpose throughout your daily activities and develop your inner power and clarity.

Each day, you’ll receive e-mails with new practices and learn how to integrate them into your daily life. Through these emails, you’ll learn to infuse your daily work and life with more feeling of purpose, connect more frequently to what we call “inner power”, and develop greater trust in your capacity to skillfully meet life’s challenges and opportunities. You’ll do this through exercises like creating a personal leadership mantra, visualizing your inner power, and exploring inner power and interdependence with others.

This program includes:

  • DAILY EMAIL PRACTICES: 21 different practices, emailed to you daily, that will help you connect to your personal sense of purpose
  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS: 2 guided meditations to help you embody the practice of living and leading from purpose
  • VIDEOS FROM ROBERT: Brief, weekly videos to deepen and support your training experience
  • SELF-ASSESSMENT: Pre- and post-training self-assessment to track your growth
  • TEXT REMINDERS: 2 daily text reminders to help you integrate practices into your daily activities
  • LEARNING PARTNERS: Take the journey with an optional learning partner and enhance your practice with weekly 20 minute phone calls
  • PLUS: A 90-minute webinar with Robert Gass

Rockwood is committed to supporting leaders facing disproportionate and compounded devastation in this pandemic—specifically Black, Indigenous, Latinx, API/A, low-income, undocumented, disabled, LGBQTI+, and rural-based communities—so they can tap into their full power and resilience.

If you want to take part in this training but cost is an issue, please email


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