Santa Cruz, CA

(831) 475-5600

How To Get There

What To Pack

Please leave your scented cosmetics at home to accommodate guests with allergies and sensitivities.

  • comfortable clothes and rain gear, depending on the weather (there is no dress code for our trainings)
  • sturdy, flat-soled shoes
  • journal and/or book
  • a portable media player full of upbeat music you love (for the party on the fourth evening)
  • earplugs (in case you’re a light sleeper and your roommate happens to snore)
  • toiletries
  • an alarm clock
  • water bottle

Additional Items To Bring

  • Bathing suit


  • All ADA guest rooms are located within the first four guest room buildings.
  • There are four handicap parking spaces located near the main building, approximately 50 feet away. Adjacent to parking spaces, there are ramps which access the main walkway which lead to the front entrance. There are a total of nine spaces throughout the property. Parking lots are well paved.
  • The entrances to the main building are double doors that easily open.
  • The Front Desk is accessible to Wheelchair Guests and features a lowered shelf convenient for guests with disabilities.
  • A ramp, located at the front desk, will lead guests to the restaurant, bar, outdoor patios and meeting rooms within the main building.
  • An elevator can take guests to the upper level of the main building, which has additional meeting rooms and business center.
  • The business center has 2 computers which can accommodate wheelchairs.
  • The spa and fitness center are located in a separate building in which a ramp leads up to the double door entrance easily accessible by all Wheelchair Guests.
  • The pool is located across from the spa and fitness center. Ramps lead up to both pool entrances and the pool and spa have individual pool lifts.
  • Portable TDD devices for hearing impaired are available upon request.
  • ADA Guestrooms include: ADA Luxury 2-Queen room, ADA Luxury Queen Suite, ADA Luxury King. See this page for a full description of the rooms.