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Rallying the Spirit: 7 Questions to Help You Build Resilience in 2018

Next week is our last week in the office before the end of the year, so we’ve been doing a lot of reflection on 2017: celebrating achievements, sharing feedback, and looking back on everything that we did as an organization this year.

2017 was a hard year. There were definitely high points, moments when light peeked through darkness, but many of us are moving into the next year feeling very worn out. Every moment that knocked us off course – tragedies, executive orders, cabinet appointments, tweets – required time to pause and recoup our energy.

This led us to wonder: how can we stay resilient enough to make it through the next year? Through the next three years?

If you’re rallying yourself and your spirit for 2018, here are 7 questions to help you build resilience:

  1. What gift or contribution do I bring to the spaces I impact and the work ahead of me?
  2. What are 1-3 things I want to let go of to help me stay resilient?
  3. What places within me or in my life are asking for growth?
  4. What have I let go of that I want to bring back into my life?
  5. What am I not being honest with myself about?
  6. What helps me bounce back when my spirit feels drained?
  7. What boundaries do I need to set for myself or with others for my self-care and resilience?