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Future of Civil Rights: Rockwood Leaders at Courting Change (VIDEO)

By August 6, 2013No Comments


On July 17th, the Ford Foundation hosted a daylong event, Courting Change, to discuss the future of civil rights. Rockwood’s President, Akaya Windwood, was there, as were many Rockwood alum, including some of the speakers.

Rockwood alum, Evan Wolfson, (Founder and President, Freedom to Marry) spoke on the panel, “Bending the Arc: The Supreme Court’s Role in Shaping Civil Rights.” Alums, Michael Brune (Executive Director, Sierra Club), Ai-jen Poo (Co-Director, Caring Across Generations), and Rashad Robinson (Executive Director, ColorOfChange) discussed, “The Future Isn’t What It Used to Be.”

During your lunch, or coffee break today, enjoy this 5:55 highlight video for a peek into this important event. You can watch full-length videos of the day’s sessions on


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