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Rockwood Staff Shares

Rockwood Staff Shares: What Love Looks Like

By July 16, 2020No Comments
A grove of trees that, viewed from the ground, creates the shape of a heart.

Photo by 30daysreplay.

If you’re familiar with the 5 Love Languages, you know that love can look different for everyone. Some of us enjoy when loved ones spend time with us, or cook us dinner, or tell us they’re proud of us.

2020 changed how and how often we can be with our loved ones to feel connected and cared for, and that has encouraged many of us to revision what love looks like. Here’s what love looks like to Rockwood’s staff these days:

Love is the small things: cooking a meal for my family, snuggling with my partner and dog, washing the dishes, turning off the news. Love is also the big things: staying sheltered in my apartment, making sacrifices for the health of the greater community.

SarahProgram Manager

Love looks like a "I wonder how ________ is doing?" thought becoming a "hey, how are you managing during this time?" text.

JeremiahProgram Manager

To me, love looks like the antidote to fear.

JulieChief Operating Officer

Check-in texts, folks that say yes to doing something together online, whether it's yoga or watching TV.

RajProgram Officer

Love looks like embodied liberation. It looks like following the lead of our chronically ill and disabled organizers and leaders who have always been practicing and extending love through mutual aid and collective care.

QSenior Development Officer

Listening to body / mental cues as I would caring for a little person (for example, feel tired... then I try to rest my eyes / take a nap / take a walk). Listening versus second guessing / questioning.

AmieProduction Manager

I'm actually IN LOVE with having my family at arms reach, knowing they are safe even though they can drive me crazy. In a different context, I feel loved by my co-workers, family, daughters, partner, and those around me.

MelissaOperations Manager

It looks like all of us, going through this together, doing our best to be good humans and neighbors.

LizSenior Salesforce Manager

Staying connected through "good mornings" and "goodnights"!

LorraineGrants Manager

The best medicine is sometimes to just BE with people in their moment.

NaniProduction Manager

Love looks like the partially toothless grin of a young kid whose eyes even smile when he laughs, and boy does he laugh!



SharonDirector of Strategic Initiatives

Cherishing every bit of good in the world and in the people I love.

LuciaDirector of Programs


ChinueFinance and Programs Operations Manager

What does love look like to you right now?

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