Rockwood Leadership Institute welcomes contributions from individuals interested in giving back to our organization and the leaders and movements we support. To increase access to our trainings, Rockwood Leadership Institute is committed to offsetting the cost of our trainings for leaders from grassroots organizations and underrepresented perspectives. It is through individual contributions that we are able to maintain our generous sliding scale fee structure that facilitates this access and supports community leaders.

Philanthropic Partnerships

Our approach to philanthropy is guided by the principles of generosity, reciprocity, and service to the social justice ecosystem that Rockwood Leadership Institute cultivates and supports. We value our deep, longstanding partnerships with philanthropic institutions that have invested in ensuring that our organization and the leaders and movements we support can thrive.

Training for Philanthropic Leaders

Rockwood Leadership Institute offers the Art of Leadership for Philanthropic Leaders specifically for philanthropic leaders who are interested in deepening and renewing their commitment to themselves and their work.


If we ever needed each other for strength and courage, now is the time. Please join us as we continue to build a more just, sustainable, and equitable world.

Current Foundation Supporters