The Virtual Art of Leadership

Transform yourself and your leadership wherever you are

Unlock Joyous and Effective Leadership, at Your Own pace

For 20 years, Rockwood has provided transformative leadership development training to over 7,000 social change leaders and activists all over the world. Now, we’ve adapted and updated that curriculum to allow you to experience “Rockwood magic” online.

Based on the Art of Leadership, these virtual trainings combine self-paced reading and reflection, live facilitated discussions, and small group interaction to help you explore and expand your capacity to inspire and align others.

Rockwood’s virtual trainings will provide you with…

Concrete Learnings

Learn and practice key skills, like having difficult conversations, dealing with stress and challenging emotions, partnering with others across issue areas, and planning for large and small projects

Space to Slow Down

Allow yourself to be completely present and focused on connecting with yourself and your work, while in a caring, supportive community.

Supportive Community

You are not alone. Connect deeply with people in your movement, in other issue areas, even outside of the nonprofit sector, and leave with a new definition of community.

Training Details

To foster deep learning within an online setting, the Virtual Art of Leadership blends various modalities to allow you to engage with your own inner wisdom, the material, and with other leaders.  In addition, we offer two formats so you can find a training that works best for your schedule. Both formats include live facilitation via Zoom, self-paced work like personal journaling/reflection and solo reading, discussion forum participation, and pair/small group work to connect and build community with those in your cohort.

The 5-day VAOL takes place over the course of a single week. Each day includes a 2-hour live Zoom session, a 1-hour break, and a 2.5-hour live Zoom session.

Currently, we have 5-Day VAOLs on Eastern Standard Time, Central Time, and Pacific Standard Time. You can download a detailed agenda for those formats below:

Please note that these schedules are subject to change as we continue to respond to the needs brought on by COVID-19 and prioritize the health and wellness of participants.

What People Say About The Art Of Leadership

My experience with the Rockwood Art of Leadership Institute was nothing short of amazing. I have built a community with my fellow participants; the feedback, questions, and insights from this community have given me a space to build from as I grow into a more intentional and impactful leader. I expected to grow as an individual, but I am also leaving feeling more connected to others and seeing the power within all of us.

Cecily Nelson-AlfordUC Davis Women's Resources and Research Center

The Virtual Art of Leadership provided me with concepts, information, and tools to clarify my purpose and vision... so I can operate from power that I have. I was also enriched by connecting with so many strong and wise people working on important challenges.

Christine FletcherThe Inner Activist

Rockwood re-grounded me in why I do this work and HOW I want to be doing it, even in times of unprecedented external urgency.

Regina ClementeMovement Voter Project

Rockwood created a safe space to dream about what it would look like if I was fully committed to my own well being and for that I am beyond grateful.

Alison CorwinLife Coach

I’m convinced that these are the leadership skills that are needed to lead us to more powerful and interconnected movements for social justice.

Ellen LiuMs. Foundation for Women

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Virtual Art of Leadership be taking the place of Art of Leadership (on-site)?

Due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19, the Virtual Art of Leadership is the only version of the Art of Leadership training Rockwood is offering at this time. We continue to make programmatic decisions that meet the needs of our community and are in accordance with up-to-date safety and health guidelines so that we can offer on-site trainings as soon as it’s safe to do so.

What are the tech requirements to participate?

  • Stable internet connection
  • Computer (preferred), and/or supported tablet or mobile device
  • Microphone and headset
  • Webcam

Will live sessions be recorded?

Our hope is that all participants will attend live; however, we understand that life happens. While live sessions will not be recorded for the confidentiality of our participants, participants who are unable to attend any live portion may schedule office hours with one of our trainers to review what was missed.


Rockwood uses a sliding scale structure to ensure that leaders facing disproportionate and compounded devastation in this pandemic—specifically Black, Indigenous, Latinx, API/A, low-income, undocumented, disabled, LGBQTI+, and rural-based communities—can tap into their full power and resilience.





All for-profit companies, foundations with assets over $10 million, AND nonprofits with budgets over $10 million

Foundations with assets less than $10 million, AND nonprofits with budgets between $4 million and $9,999,999

Nonprofits with budgets between $1 million and $3,999,999, government, and unaffiliated individuals

Nonprofits with budgets under $999,999

If you are able, we invite you to donate back to Rockwood the price difference between the on-site and virtual training to redistribute resources and make Rockwood accessible to all leaders. Please email if you are able to invest in and cultivate our collective interdependence.

Ready to start your
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