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Welcome To

Couch Conversations

A monthly webcast about building community & resilience in turbulent times, hosted by Rockwood CEO Darlene Nipper and President Akaya Windwood. Every fourth Thursday.

About This Series

Many of our alum tell us that attending a Rockwood training made a big difference in their work, and in their lives. We are experimenting with new ways to reach as many people as possible with the powerful ideas and tools behind the Rockwood curriculum. We also want to offer our community a chance to stay in touch with the spirit of transformation that happens when we have courageous conversations about what it really takes to lead towards human evolution. We will be showcasing many of you, your work in the world, and learn about how you do it and how we can best support you. This monthly webinar will be hosted by Rockwood’s CEO Darlene Nipper and President Akaya Windwood, in conversation with one of our alum, and participation from our alum network.