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The Power Of Your Word Daily Practice

A Self-Guided Training To Develop Habits Of Greater Accountability—At Work, At Home, And To Yourself.

Starts April 18

Reconnect with Rockwood practices
Continue your leadership development
Transform your ability to build trust with the people in your life

Do you find yourself making too many commitments? Struggle at work to deliver on commitments in a timely way? Are you sometimes unclear around agreements to partners and family? Do you follow consistently through on commitments you make to yourself?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this course will help you:

Make conscious commitments that are set up for success

Break the habit of making too many commitments

Discover how others view your habits of accountability

Keep promises to yourself

Know when
and how
to hold others

Better track your commitments

Learn the art of
saying no

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Training Details

The Power Of Your Word is a self-guided training program developed by Rockwood co-founder Robert Gass, and specifically designed to help you enhance your skills around accountability, allowing you to develop a practice of personal integrity and empowerment and build trust with the people in your life.

Through this course, you’ll practice and hone your skills, including:

How and when to say “no”

What to do when working in teams with cultures of low accountability or unwholesome work environments

Making sober, realistic time/energy estimates

How to better track your commitments

Keeping promises to yourself and to family, friends, and coworkers

What to do when you can’t keep a commitment

What Is A Self-Guided Training?

Rockwood’s self-guided trainings are a unique way to delve into individual leadership practices. Instead of attending a training on a set day and time, you’ll receive daily emails and text reminders that will allow you to reflect on that day’s theme at your own pace and on your own time. Maybe you review the practice first thing in the morning, or look at it before bed. Maybe you read the email over lunch or while waiting to pick up your child at school. Wherever you decide to connect with the practice, you’re in charge of when you engage with it and how much time you put into it.

If you prefer more interpersonal connection, consider signing up to be matched with a learning partner. Every week, you and your learning partner will meet for 20 minutes to talk through that week’s topics and share your learnings with each other. You’ll also have the option to engage with others going through the training via an online community where you can post questions, share thoughts, and see how others are putting this practice into action in their own lives.

This program includes:

Daily Email Practices

27 different practices, emailed to you daily, that will develop your capacity for accountability


Pre- and post-training self-assessment to track your growth

Learning Partners

Optional opportunity to take the journey with a learning partner

Videos From Robert Gass

Brief, weekly videos to deepen and support your training experience

PLUS: A 60-Minute Webinar With
Naomi Long & Robert Gass

Naomi Long

Rockwood Special Projects Manager

Naomi (she/her) has been working alongside, inside, and up against the non-profit movement ecosystem for 24 years. Her two decades of training work spans several different types of support from helping active and recovering drug users do legislative advocacy and training political candidates at Wellstone Action to building Black Power collectives across the country. Her practices around facilitation, coaching, and design can be summed up by a simple philosophy: She believes each moment is a sacred opportunity for healing and deserving of her best.

Robert Gass, EdD

Rockwood Co-Founder

Robert was the creator of the original Rockwood training methodology including the Art of Leadership and Training from the Inside Out. He also trained and mentored the first two generations of Rockwood trainers. For over 40 years, Robert has coached, trained, and facilitated leaders, organizations, and networks working for justice, sustainability, and human dignity. His work is a weaving of his lifetime of experience and learning in social change, humanistic psychology, organizational transformation, movement building, and meditation/spirituality.

The Power Of Your Word: For Teams

At Rockwood, we know that no one leads alone. Our connection with each other is critical to our growth as leaders, and as human beings.

That’s why we encourage teams to take this training together as it can have significant impact on the quality of your work and team life.

Teams participating in the training together will have access to the self-administered extra resources below to get maximum value from the experience. Teams that want to participate in the additional activities will need a minimum of one week lead time prior to the webinar on April 18 to take advantage.

Self-administered pre-training and post-training assessments to understand your group’s gaps and growth

A 30-minute pre-practice meeting with a provided POP (Purpose, Outcomes, Process) to help you prepare and ground your group

A self-directed 1-hour post-training meeting to make specific proposals that will create greater team accountability

Option to assign learning pairs from within your group to enhance learning, trust-building, and connection


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per person for
groups or teams of 4+


Rockwood is committed to making our programs available to as many leaders as possible so everyone can tap into their full power and resilience.

If you want to take part in this training but cost is an issue, please email

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Rockwood Community Call

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disability justice consultant, public speaker, somatics practitioner, and performance artist

April 25 | 12 PT / 3 ET

India Harville, African American female with long black locs, seated in her manual wheelchair wearing a long sleeveless green dress. Her service dog, Nico, a blond Labrador Retriever, has his front paws on her lap. He is wearing a blue and yellow service dog vest. They are outside with greenery behind them.