The Art of Leadership starts at 3 PM the first day and ends at 1 PM the last day. We will have snacks available in the afternoon. Please arrive no later than 2:30 PM to give yourself time to check in and find your meeting room.

Rockwood does not coordinate travel to the site. We encourage you to connect with your cohort to arrange carpools or shuttle shares. Please check your training site page for more travel information.

If you would like to arrange early arrival or late departure, please email [email protected]. Please note that Rockwood will not cover the cost of additional nights/meals.

What To Bring

When packing for your training, consider what you might need for a several night stay in a nice facility.

This might include:

  • sturdy, flat-soled shoes
  • comfortable clothes and rain gear, depending on the weather
  • journal and/or book
  • toiletries

For any additional items needed, please check your training site page.

Rooming & Meals

Everyone will receive their own single room. You will receive your room assignment at the front desk when you arrive.

Training sites make every attempt to accommodate a broad range of dietary needs. Please note that all meals are served buffet style. Notify Rockwood about severe allergies and dietary restrictions in the application under special needs, or by contacting the Rockwood staff.

For questions about accessibility at training sites, please visit this page.

Focus & Confidentiality

We strive to create an environment at our trainings that supports learning, growth, and transformation for all participants. In order to ensure the best experience for everyone during your training, we invite you to be as present as possible with each other and to reduce distractions from your outside life as much as possible. In alignment with the Rockwood practices, we request that:

  • You are mindful of the impact that focused attention on individual electronic devices can have on oneself, others, and the flow of the training overall;
  • You refrain from using individual electronic devices in the training room;
  • You use individual electronic devices (including, but not limited to: phones, computers, email, and social media) during longer breaks—such as mealtimes or the beginning or end of the day—rather than during the short breaks provided throughout the training/day.

In honoring our agreement for confidentiality, we request that if you tweet or use other social media during your training experience, you not disclose details of discussions or others’ experiences at the trainings. You are welcome to share your own insights. However, please be aware that there are a few training activities that involve experiential learning, which trainers will ask participants to not share externally in order to ensure the best experience for future participants.


Art of Leadership

All enrolled Art of Leadership participants will receive an email invitation to start their 360 degree leadership assessment process upon acceptance to the training. Completing this assessment in advance of the training is essential to the full training experience.

The Rockwood 360 enables you to collect opinions and feedback about your performance from peers, supervisors, employees, grantees, and other social change partners. The survey questions inquire into a leaders’ ability to move work forward effectively and collaboratively, and can create increased awareness of strengths, challenges, and impact based on feedback from your team and community

It includes a self-assessment, as well as peer assessments from at least 10 colleagues. These colleagues can be:

  • Previous and current co-workers;
  • Someone you have worked with on a project;
  • Anyone whose feedback you value to complete a confidential peer assessment.

You can use your 360 assessment link and click the “Remind Your Peers” button to send a note to peer assessors. Only peers who have not yet filled out the survey will be reminded.

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