What To Expect

Before Your Training

  • Complete pre-work before arriving (such as the 360 degree leadership assessment);
  • Pay your tuition (more information our fees can be found here);
  • Keep an eye out for a logistics email, sent two months before your training;
  • Decide whether you’ll need to coordinate ride shares and transportation with your cohort (check your training site page for more info);
  • Plan to be on “retreat” the week of the training so that you can be fully present during the session;
  • Take measures so that you can be fully rested before the training.

View and download the Art of Leadership agenda.

During Your Training

  • You’ll experience our curriculum through a variation of activities, including visualization, personal journaling, pair work, and group work;
  • You’ll share deep connections through vulnerability and authenticity with other participants;
  • We ask you try to be fully present by refraining from using electronic devices in the training room, and reducing work distractions.

After Your Training

  • You will leave your training with a peer coach from your cohort to help deepen and strengthen the practices you learn;
  • As you will learn at the trainings, Rockwood values feedback. Please take some time to fill out the post training evaluation upon your completion of the training. Your feedback will help us strengthen what we offer;
  • Most alum have appreciated making space the weekend following the training to reflect on what they learned and experienced.