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Rockwood 2014-15 National Yearlong Fellows Announced

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Rockwood 2014-15 National Yearlong Fellows

Rockwood is proud to announce our 2014-2015 National Leading from the Inside Out (LIO) Yearlong Fellows. Each year, Rockwood selects 24 nationally recognized leaders to participate in our transformative LIO Yearlong Fellowship. Since 2003, this executive leadership program has emerged as one of the nation’s leading learning laboratories for experienced social change leaders.

National LIO Yearlong Fellows must be nominated in order to apply for the fellowship, and the extensive selection process takes into account a great number of factors, including Rockwood’s commitment to build connections between leaders who are diverse in methodology, issue focus, geography, and personal experience and identity.

The 2014-2015 National LIO Yearlong Fellows are:

Please join us in congratulating our new Fellows!

For more information about the National Leading from the Inside Out (LIO) Yearlong Fellowship, including information about current and past Fellows, please visit:

Rockwood Community Call


holistic trauma healing coach

February 29 | 12 PT / 3 ET

Kiara Lee-Benton is smiling with hair half up in a bun and the rest cascading down her shoulders. She is wearing a white shirt with black and brown stripes and leopard print.