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Word by Word – Rockwood Leaders Changing the World

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Rockwood blog words

Want to see how Rockwood leaders are shaking things up in their work and lives? Below is a short – and hopefully growing – list of blogs penned by Rockwood leaders, including alums of our trainings, our board, staff, and trainers. If the name of someone you know should be added to this list, email us!

Margie Alt

Nan AronHuffington Post, The Nation

Ejim Dike

Phaedra Ellis-LampkinsGreen for All, Huffington Post

Kimberly Freeman Brown

Michael Green

Heron Greenesmith

LeeAnn HallMomsRising,

Suzanne Hawkes

Mary Ann HittGrist, Huffington Post

Margarent HuangMomsRising, Huffington Post

Farhana Khera

Vivien LabatonHuffington Post, Tides

Louise MellingACLU

Eva A. Millona

Janet Murguía Huffington Post, National Council of La Raza, MomsRising

Rashad RobinsonHuffington Post, The Root

Thomas A. Saenz

Hector E. SanchezHuffington Post, LCLAA

Veda Shook

Nadine Smith

Greg Speed

Josh Viertel

Vince Warren

Kelley Weigel


Rockwood Community Call

India Harville

disability justice consultant, public speaker, somatics practitioner, and performance artist

April 25 | 12 PT / 3 ET

India Harville, African American female with long black locs, seated in her manual wheelchair wearing a long sleeveless green dress. Her service dog, Nico, a blond Labrador Retriever, has his front paws on her lap. He is wearing a blue and yellow service dog vest. They are outside with greenery behind them.