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Rockwood Staff Shares

Rockwood Staff Shares: How We’re Taking Care Of Ourselves

By April 30, 2020No Comments
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During the first few days of the quarantine, I had all these plans. I was going to play video games. I was going to clean my house. I was going to read even more books. I thought I might take up a brand-new hobby, or watch all the TV shows people keep telling me to check out.

I thought this was the right way to think about how to take care of myself during this time. The laundry list of things I would do to keep busy or stave off boredom was also meant to be a list of ways to keep my spirits up.

But very quickly it became clear that I didn’t need to fill my time to find comfort or stay entertained. In fact, I don’t even really have any time to fill; between holding space within myself to deal with all the feelings this time is bringing up for me and doing what needs to be done at work and at home, my schedule is full. In the rare moments that I do have extra time, I’m often happy just to do nothing.

Before, I might have looked back on that list and felt regret or stress because I hadn’t done all the things I’d hoped to do. I might have held that as a failure, something to feel bad about. Now, however, I recognize that what I thought I might need and what I actually need ended up being two different things, and that’s OK.

How we take care of ourselves can look many, many different ways. Here’s how some of Rockwood’s staff are taking care of themselves these days:

Creating quiet spaces in my day to feel my feelings, cooking meals for my family, calling my mom and dad to check on them, slowing down, remembering the resilience of my ancestors that lives in my DNA.

SarahProgram Manager

I've released myself from "shoulds" and any other expectations I may be imposing on myself. Instead, I'm focusing on meeting my needs in as many different ways as possible to ensure that every day doesn't end up feeling the same. Some nights that means board games with my partner, other nights is online video games with a friend, other nights... it's trash TV or side projects!

JeremiahProgram Manager

I tend to focus my energy on others during difficult times so I keep reminding myself to put my own oxygen mask on first.

JulieChief Operating Officer

I'm moving slow -- literally. I'm going outside and lingering with the blooming flowers. I'm doing one grounding movement practice a day be it yoga, walking meditation, dance.

RajProgram Officer

I am naming my needs with compassion and gentleness. I am tapping into the ancestral and spiritual wisdom from generations before us and generations after us. I am letting the restlessness play and move. I am allowing the stillness to bring spiritual and political revelations of the worlds we need to build.

QSenior Development Officer

Spaciousness and keeping my mind and body active, despite it wanting to stay stagnant.

AmieProduction Manager

I'm accepting that not all things will get done, and some will be more challenging than others and other I just shouldn't worry about right now. Not setting a high expectation and giving myself the space to just breath is how i'm taking care of myself.

MelissaOperations Manager

Making sure I get enough sleep; giving myself a break at the end of the day to work on a puzzle, watch an episode of a show, read, watch videos of my son; keeping in touch with family and close friends; reminding myself that it's OK to feel the way I'm feeling.

LizSenior Salesforce Manager

Reading, hiking/walks with partner, talking with family and friends.

LorraineGrants Manager

Cat cuddles and hikes.

NaniProduction Manager

Spending lots of time with friends and family, mostly virtually.


Daily breathing meditation practice.

SharonDirector of Strategic Initiatives

Being with family, taking my vitamins, exercising or doing something outdoors every day, weekly therapy

LuciaDirector of Programs

Staying indoors, doing art, writing poetry, video chatting with loved ones, movement, movies/TV, music.

ChinueFinance and Programs Operations Manager

How are you taking care of yourself right now?

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