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By April 9, 2021May 27th, 2021No Comments
Cherry blossoms with a large, blue-grey suspension bridge in the background.

Photo by Dylan Sauerwein

Last week, Rockwood had our annual One Rockwood retreat. In previous years, we’ve held our retreat in July, usually at one of our California training sites. Over two days and one night, Rockwood’s staff, trainers, and board gather together for connection, community, and visioning.

We of course weren’t able to meet in person this year, but our virtual gathering gave us a lot of the moments we enjoy most from the in-person retreat, as well as some new experiences, including wonderfully facilitated breakouts from India Harville and Kiara Lee. We also closed the office for the two days we weren’t in the retreat, giving staff time to rest.

We missed the ability to be in physical community with one another, to spend time outside of the retreat space just talking and laughing (and hanging out by the pool). But the virtual retreat and days of deep rest served as a reminder of what’s most important right now, a year into the pandemic: caring for each other and being able to move into the world that’s emerging with ease and openness.

As we move into spring and that emerging world, we invite you all to reflect on what’s important to you right now. To help you, we offer questions for finding your purpose, questions for rallying your spirit, and a visioning workbook to help you put those reflections into action.

Lastly, Rockwood is currently developing the HeArt of Black Leadership, an initiative designed to address the leadership needs of Black leaders across the social change sector. If you’re a Black leader, we want to hear from you!

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