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Gratitude for the Practice of Interdependence

Tree with roots growing above the ground.

Photo by Emma Gossett

When faced with a crisis, trees weave their roots deeper together to share resources and exchange nutrients. This courageous and clear embodiment of interdependence was the inspiration for our 2020 Interdependence Campaign. Rockwood embodied this practice of interdependence, by naming our needs while meeting the most pressing needs of movement leaders.

March 2020 was a time of deep uncertainty. With heart, strategy, and humility, we asked our network of over 5,000 people to invest in us so we could continue to serve as an anchor for leaders. Our networks of alums, trainers, board members, friends, partners, and co-conspirators answered the call for interdependence and the campaign raised nearly $240,000!

Meeting each other’s needs is central to our collective liberation. It is a gift to Rockwood and a gift to paradigm-shifting leaders. To everyone who donated, thank you. Thank you for weaving your roots deeper with Rockwood. Thank you for believing in the power of courageous and resilient leadership.

Thank you for being in the practice of interdependence with us!

The Interdependence Campaign was abundant for us in many ways:

$50,000 in individual gifts

$180,000 in institutional gifts

20 new donors and monthly sustainers

140% increase from last year's giving program

Because of your gifts, we were able to resource historically marginalized leaders with virtual offerings to reclaim their wholeness and power in unprecedented times.

Of the


leaders we served last year,

were people of color

and almost

were part of queer and / or trans communities

As we move more fully into 2021, we are poised to sustain leaders with fresh virtual offerings like the Black Leaders HeArt of Leadership Initiative (investing in Black leaders’ collective resilience), the Art of Navigating Change (providing leaders with tools to lead effectively in complex and changing realities), and the Ripple Effect Program (scaling and expanding the reach of our offerings).

Here’s to sustainability in 2021. May we all invest in our capacity to sustain ourselves for the long haul of justice.

Create possibilities. Invest in Rockwood.

Will you join us in supporting future generations of paradigm-shifting leaders?

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Rockwood Community Call

Cecily Rose Engelhart

Life Coach and Speaker

July 25 | 12 PT / 3 ET