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Webinar: Beyond the Rock Star Paradigm: Practical Tools for Visionary, Collaborative Leadership

By October 22, 2013No Comments

glittery rock stars

Although western culture has canonized the hero archetype of the individual leader, many who study leadership recognize that successful organizations, networks, and movements are characterized by a distributive, collective, complementary form of leadership.

How do we practice a leadership that moves us beyond the Rock Star Paradigm?

  1. Nurture Our Personal Ecology – because high impact leadership does not have to lead inevitably to burn out.
  2. Invite “the Other” to the Table – because we must set aside the need for comfort/familiarity at all times, and invite those who bring dramatically different perspectives and experiences to our leadership advisory table.
  3. Practice Partnership for the Long Haul – because the notion of individual hero can also bring about unnecessary overreliance on self, when there may be many mutually beneficial ways to get support and be in community with others (even those who we imagine are our “competitors” in the marketplace).

On October 30th from 3-4 PM ET, I’ll be leading a webinar, Beyond the Rock Star Paradigm: Practical Tools for Visionary, Collaborative Leadership, hosted by EPIP (Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy), where we’ll explore these practical tools for everyday leadership.

To register, go to: The webinar is free for EPIP Members, and $10 for Non-members.

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