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Putting a Network to Work with Akaya Windwood and Deb Nelson at SXSW Eco

By September 30, 2013No Comments


Tuesday, October 8th, Rockwood’s President, Akaya Windwood, and Social Venture Network’s Executive Director, Deb Nelson, will co-lead, Putting a Network to Work, at SXSW Eco in Austin, TX.

This lively, interactive workshop will explore how to develop your networks to succeed and grow, both personally and professionally. Akaya leads Rockwood’s network of nonprofit social transformation and change leaders, and Deb leads a network of values-driven business leaders and social entrepreneurs at Social Venture Network. Both are committed to serving the common good.

If you’re at SXSW Eco, come say hello to Akaya and Deb! You can follow Akaya on Twitter at @AkayaWindwood, Deb at @SVNetwork, and SXSW Eco at @sxsweco

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