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From The Network: Election Season Resilience Resources, Alum News, Job Postings, & More

By October 29, 2020No Comments
Purple flowers popping up out of the ground.

Photo by Ales Me

We are in a time of transition and ambiguity, socially and seasonally. It’s in moments like these that we need to deepen our practice of resilience, to ready ourselves to lead through what will come next, whatever that may be.

To help support your resilience and leadership, we’ve gathered together some resources to help you during this moment:

Rockwood is also hosting a 75-minute Post-Election Community Call on Thursday, November 12th from 1-2:15 PM PT / 4-5:15 PM ET. We’ll gather together in community and connect, reflect, and replenish ourselves so that we can keep working towards a world where all can thrive.


Alum In The News

News & Inspiration

Leadership Opportunities

Rockwood Community Call

Kiara Lee, MSW

holistic trauma healing coach, dynamic speaker, and valued consultant

July 28 * 12 PT / 3 ET